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March:  Roland Erne was asked to join the External Board of the PhD Programme in Transnational Governance, which is organised by the prestigious Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence in collaboration with the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa.

January:  Roland Erne, Mary Naughton, Costanza Galanti and Vincenzo Maccarrone participated in the UCD Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PhD Winter School 'New Political Economy of Europe' as discussant and presenters respectively (15-16 Jan).

We invited Devi Sacchetto from University of Padova to give a public seminar on 'Shaping labour markets in the EU. The 'new 'skills of migrant workers' (27 Jan).

Sabina Stan was invited to give a speech at the Council Meeting of the Federation Sud Santé Sociaux (France, 30 Jan). 

Vincenzo Maccarrone gave a presentation at the 4th conference of the Italian Association of Economic Sociology (SISEC) (Italy, 31 Jan).


December:  Roland Erne was invited to give a presentation on 'Vertical vs Horizontal Modes of European Integration. A Pivotal Distinction that Helps Identifying Drivers for Transnational Collective Action' at the colloquium of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) (Germany, 5 Dec).

Darragh Golden and Imre Szabó gave a presentation at the UCD College of Business Research Symposium. At this event, Vincenzo Maccarrone received the 2019 PhD award for research, innovation and impact from the UCD College of Business which he won jointly with Martina Assereto (PhD in Finance) (Dublin, 18 Dec). On the same day, Sabina Stan was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 3rd Health Benefits Convention in Vienna (Austria, 18 Dec).

Jörg Nowak's publication 'Mass Strikes and Social Movements in Brazil and India' was mentioned as one of the 'Books of 2019' on Michael Robert's blog.

Anthony Brabazon (Dean of Business) and

Vincenzo Maccarrone

Sabina Stan at the Convention in Vienna

November:  Sabina Stan was invited to the joint meeting of People's Health Movement (PHM) Europe and the European Network Against Privatisation and Commercialisation of Health and Social Protection in Zagreb to give a presentation on 'Resisting health commercialisation in Europe' (Croatia, 8-10 Nov)

Imre Szabó acted as a discussant of the book Wellsprings of Resistance - Struggles over water in Europe by Madelaine Moore from University of Kassel (Dublin, 12 Nov). 

Costanza Galanti and Mary Naughton attended the second regional workshop of the joint HOSPEEM-EPSU 2019-20 EU-funded project 'Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Hospital Sector in the East, South and Central Europe' in Rome (Italy, 15 Nov).

Sabina Stan at the meeting in Zagreb.

Pablo Sánchez Centellas, Madelaine Moore and Imre Szabó at the book launch.

October:  To mark the ILO's 100th anniversay, Darragh Golden was invited to give a presentation at the CGIL conference 'La Giusta Retribuzione' at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy, 3 Oct).

We also co-hosted the UCD Equality Studies Centre seminar 'How the rich countries rule and why the third world can never catch up' by Dr Samuel King from Victoria University, Melbourne (Australia), where Jörg Nowak acted as a discussant (Dublin, 17 Oct). 

Darragh Golden, Vincenzo Maccarrone and Imre Szabó participated in the workshop 'Labour & the Politics of Trade' at the University of Padova (Italy, 23-25 Oct), before the ERC team held a public workshop at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy) in conjunction with the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) (Italy, 28-30 Oct).

Prof Erne and ERC Team (UCD), Prof Guglielmo Meardi (SNS), Prof Adrienne Héritier (EUI), and the EUI Researchers at the ERC Workshop in Florence

September:  Imre Szabó, Darragh Golden and Roland Erne gave a presentation at the ECPR General Conference at the University of Wroclaw (Poland, 4-7 Sep). Their paper compares the success of the European Citizens' Initiatives Right2Water  and Fair Transport Europe.

Roland Erne and Vincenzo Maccarrone participated in the ILERA European Congress in Düsseldorf, entitled 'Perspectives of Employment Relations in Europe' (Germany, 5-7 Sep). Besides Roland's keynote speach, both presented their papers.

In addition, Roland Erne acted as a panel member in the DBEI ILO NUI Conference 'Marking the Centenary of the International Labour Organisation - The Declaration of Philadelphia Revisited' (Dublin, 17 Sep).

Imre Szabó was invited to give a presentation at The Political Economy of Public Sector Wage Setting in Europe Conference in Cologne (Germany, 16-18 Sep).

Vincenzo Maccarrone gave a presentation at the NERI Monthly Seminar on the social dimension of the European Semester (Dublin, 19 Sep).

On 16 Sep, we welcomed our new postdoctoral researcher, Jörg Nowak. He was interviewed by the German newspapers TAZ  ('Dieser Streik ist politisch!') und Zeit  ('Die Klimastreik-Ausgabe') regarding the global climate strikes.

August:  Imre Szabó, Darragh Golden, Sabina Stan and Roland Erne presented papers at the ISA RC19 Annual Conference 'Global Crises and Social Policy: Coping with Conflict, Migration and Climate Change' at the University of Mannheim (Germany, 28-30 Aug). Their papers look at the European governance in the water, transport, and healthcare sector, respectively (our Working Papers 4, 5, and 6).

June:  Sabina Stan participated in the HOSPEEM-EPSU workshop 'Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Hospital Sector in the East, South and Central Europe' in Bucharest (Romania, 14 Jun).

Roland Erne closed our UCD Spring Seminar Series with a lecture on 'The Multinational Firm - The Archetype for the New EU Governance Regime?' (12 Jun).

Sabina Stan and Imre Szabó organised a fringe meeting at the 10th EPSU Congress in Dublin. Darragh Golden moderated their discussion with Clivia Conrad (ver.di, German) and Razvan Gae (Sanitas, Romania) on 'Trade Union Perspectives on the EU's New Economic Governance in Healthcare and Water Services' (5 Jun).

May:  Costanza Galanti and Mary Naughton gave a presentation each at the UCD Graduate Research Student Symposium 2019 in the UCD Sutherland School of Law (Dublin, 2 May). The symposium is an opportunity for early and advanced stage students to present their research as well as for the Schools of Social Sciences & Law and Business to 'show-case' the rich variety in their graduate research. On the same day, the call for applications for the Doctoral Fellowship within the ERC project closed.

Vincenzo Maccarrone delivered two presentations on the EU's new economic governance at the Historical Materialism Conference in Athens (Greece, 2-5 May) and the Department of Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy, 14 May).

Imre Szabó gave a presentation together with Aurora Trif at the 42nd Annual Conference of the IARCEES (Dublin, 11 May).

Sabina Stan was invited to give a speech at the University of Tübingen Seminar on Social Europe (Germany, 9 May).

Roland Erne contributed to the UCD SDGs Research Seminar Series 2019: '#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth' through a presentation (Dublin, 14 May). Moreover, he was appointed Vertrauensdozent (Liaison Professor) by the Hans-Boeckler-Foundation's scholarship department, which grants scholarships to about 2,900 students every year on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The research team attended the ETUC Congress 'A Fairer Europe for Workers!' in Vienna (Austria, 21-24 May).

Darragh Golden presented the co-authored article in the British Journal of Industrial Relations  at the European Studies Centre Deakin Fellow Conference 'Trade Unions, Democracy and Political Power in Europe' at the University of Oxford (30 May).

UCD Graduate Research Symposium - Programme
PhD Symposium 2019 - FINAL.pdf
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April:  Sabina Stan was invited to give a presentation on the 'Impact of European policies on the privatisation of healthcare' at the conference 'Our Health Is Not For Sale! How to prevent health commercialisation and privatisation at EU level?' (Brussels, 2 Apr). The conference was supported by The Green-European Free Alliance and live-streamed from the European Parliament. Full conference brochure here.

Roland Erne was invited to the 20th Münchenwiler Retraite close to Berne (Switzerland, 5 Apr) and gave a presentation on his Transfer  article 'Direct Democracy and Trade Union Action'. The Retraite is an annual, policy-oriented labour relations conference organised by the Swiss union UNIA in conjunction with the Swiss Trade Union Confederation SGB-USS. He also made two contributions to the issue of flanking measures regarding equal pay for migrant workers which are threatened by the current draft Swiss-EU agreement. The contributions are available in the magazine of the Swiss Socialist Party (p. 13) and on the blog of the Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) of the German trade union-related Hans-Boeckler-Foundation (both 18 Apr).

March to June:  We organised the UCD Spring Seminar Series Labour Politics and the EU's New Economic Governance Regime - From Horizontal to Vertical Governance?  to which we invited 4 guest speakers from Germany and the USA: Alexandra KAASCH, Christian JOERGES, Martin SEELEIB-KAISER, and Nicolas JABKO.

March:  The UCD HRM&ER Group became a member of a consortium of leading institutions, including the LSE, Cornell and Warwick University, that is organising an annual International Doctoral Workshop on Employment Relations. At this year's event at Warwick Business School (7-8 March), Vincenzo Maccarrone presented a PhD chapter on EU governance and Irish private sector industrial relations, while Roland Erne discussed two PhD chapters of students from SNS Florence and FAOS Copenhagen.


December:  Roland Erne gave a presentation on the ERC project at the UCD Geary Research Day 2018 (Dublin, 13 Dec).

November:  Roland Erne gave a presentation on the ERC project at the WSI Herbstforum 2018 in Berlin (Germany, 20-21 Nov).

Jamie Jordan left the research team to commence a permanent lecturer position at De Montfort University (UK).

October:  We organised an international public seminar on the special issue 24-2, 2018 of the SAGE journal Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research  entitled Trade unions and the polity: agendas and alliances (Dublin, 11 Oct).

September:  Roland Erne was invited twice as keynote speaker, namely at the conference La fin d'un monde? Salariat, sundicats et politiques du travail face aux réformes libérales of the French Sociological Association (AFS) in Paris (France, 6 Sep) and at the Industrial Relations in Europe Conference 2018 (IREC) in Leuven (Belgium, 10-12 Sep). At the IREC, the ERC research team also delivered first research findings in two panels on 11 Sep. Imre Szabó was invited to give a presentation at the conference 'Future of the Labour Law' in Miskolc (Hungary, 19 Sep). As in the past years, Roland Erne was moreover invited to contribute a new chapter on 'Interest Groups' to the 2020 edition of the Oxford University Press textbook Comparative Politics. The textbook is a volume including some of the world's leading comparatists in political sciences.

July:  Roland Erne and Sabina Stan gave a presentation at the International Sociological Association (ISA) World Congress of Sociology 2018 in Toronto (Canada, 15-21 July).

June:  Roland Erne and Jamie Jordan delivered a presentation at the UCD HRM & Employment Relations Research Seminar in the UCD Smurfit School of Business (Dublin, 14 June).

May:  Roland Erne gave a presentation at the Unite the UNION Ireland seminar Bargaining for Progress (Dublin, 10 May). Roland Erne and Imre Szabó published three articles in the SAGE journal Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research. The full texts are accessible through our publications section.

April:  The call for applications for Doctoral Fellowships within the ERC project closed on 10 Apr.

March:  The ERC Public Launch event took place in the UCD Smurfit School of Business (Dublin, 13 Mar).


December:  Sabina Stan was invited together with her co-author T. Mainil to give a speech at the European Patient Forum Round Table on Cross-border Healthcare (Belgium, 4 Dec).

November:  We established a Working Paper Series. The first two working papers are published by Roland Erne and Andy Storey.